8 Key Factors which Increase your Property’s Value

There are many factors that could boost the value of your property which do not depend on your home alone – from a tidy neighbourhood to the quality of the nearby schools, the value of your property could be increased by keeping these features in mind.

Whether you are selling property in a village, small town or rural area, buyers may be more tempted to buy when these ‘extras’ are noticed, and appreciated. We’ve identified some of the most esteemed features that can greatly increase the value of your property.

1. Tidy Neighbours

Do your neighbours take pride in their homes? If the gardens in your area are well maintained, the paint on the buildings fresh and clear of graffiti, the roads clear of litter, and the overall neighbourhood looks clean and appealing, this can add great value to the price of your property. 

2. Community Involvement 

A community with frequently organised groups and meetings is attractive to potential buyers, as lots of engagement with the community shows that the people living there truly care about their town and enjoy living there. Strong community engagement also presents the area as a place where families and children could safely and happily live.

3. Good Schools 

The quality of the local schools have a large impact on the price of a property, as does the distance from these schools. Keep an eye on the ratings of the schools in your area to ensure your property benefits from them. 

4. History 

Much of a town’s charm is captured in its local history, which presents a unique character that could add significant value to your property. Learning more about the history of the area can also greatly add to the story behind the property.

5. Greenery 

Nature in towns is often highly appreciated and can add a lot more than just aesthetics to properties, a blooming garden and trees near a property can increase the value, especially if they are mature trees, which are now a real commodity as so many have now been cut down. 

6. Walkability 

If your property has supermarkets, cafes or restaurants within walking or biking distance, this will ceratinly increase the value of the house. Having easy access to such places are especially desirable and attractive for young people looking to buy. 

7. Public amenities 

Gyms and leisure centres, parks for children and picnics, walking and hiking trails, are all valuable assets to a neighbourhood and are very much sought after by residents. Nearby facilities such as these will always add value to a property.

8. Low Crime Rate 

Everyone wants to feel safe in their home, and selling a property in an area with a low crime rate and strong safety record will definitely add value to the property. Areas with a neighbourhood watch are also a plus. 

In Monmouthshire, South Herefordshire and West Gloucestershire, there are many properties with selling potential that include a lot of these special factors, which make them ideal houses for buyers. In Monmouthshire especially, the value of properties has increased significantly recently, and all of these important features have a part to play in making this happen. 

As was reported in the Property Reporter earlier this month: “Wales continues to top the tables for annual price growth, with prices up 5.2% over the year. In Monmouthshire prices have risen 13.9%, with a new peak average price of £291,344.” This means that Monmouthshire is the most expensive area for property in Wales, “with prices well above the Welsh average of £184,348.”