A beginners’ guide to beach huts

With Brexit looming over the UK, holidaymakers are now opting for a staycation, instead of travelling abroad.
It’s now becoming increasingly popular.

There truly is nothing quite like a British beach and what better way to spend your time than in a candy-striped beach hut?

These beach huts were originally invented by the Victorians and were just used as changing rooms, but over the years, these essential beach huts have become increasingly popular. So, here’s everything you need to know about owning a beach hut.

Buyers looking for beach huts are usually looking for a long – term investment and many owners can spend all year round in their hut. You can look and purchase a beach hut on websites like www.beach-huts.com and www.milliesbeachhuts.co.uk . But not only can you purchase a beach hut, you can also create and build your own.

Maybe you are looking to make money on your beach hut instead of using it for leisure, this is where hiring comes in. Once you own your own beach hut, you can now rent them out. This is usually done daily and the price will vary on location. They can also be rented long-term too. This can easily make you a little bit of extra cash. So now you’re looking into buying a hut, where would you like it to be located?

Most beach huts are located along the south coast. Cornwall, Somerset, Devon, and West Sussex are the most popular, due to their sandy beaches and warmer climate. They are also popular on the Isles too.

The price of your beach hut is hugely dependent on your location and size. Therefore, some beach huts offer a huge range of facilities; 3 bedrooms, Wifi, kitchen and a balcony, whereas others host just a deck chair. The bigger they are, the pricier they become. Beach huts located directly on the beach will cost much more than huts further away. Remember that when buying or renting a beach hut, consider things like access to public toilets, car parks, restaurants and other amenities.

Think you may be beach ready now!