Archer & Co Virtual Valuations

Archer & Co now offers a virtual valuation service

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the housing market is still moving; homeowners are still considering selling, and buyers are still searching for their perfect home.

However, with the subsequent lockdown measures in place the property selling and buying process has had to adapt and become virtual. Joe Parry, says that a new virtual valuation service was needed to continue providing sellers with a professional valuation without having to physically visit the property. Archer & Co have invested in an interactive platform that enables them to carry out a professional valuation – remotely.

“During the lockdown, many businesses are evolving and coming up with innovative ways to ensure that they can meet the needs of their customers. For us, this meant that we had to embrace technology in order to have a tour of somebody’s home without visiting in person, amongst other things. We must do all that we can to enable those who still want to move house to move forward in a way that protects all parties,” says Joe.

How does the virtual valuation service differ from other online valuation tools? The service allows you to carry out a professional valuation meeting remotely.

“Unlike our instant automated valuation tool, the virtual valuation platform allows us to collect as much information as possible from sellers to give a professional valuation of the property. In the virtual face-to-face meeting, we can discuss (and see!) the property in more detail, answer any questions clients have and will be able to give them a realistic appraisal of the property”.

Using the platform is simple. All a homeowner or landlord needs to do is visit the Archer & Co website (, select the ‘Book a Virtual Valuation’ option and complete a questionnaire uploading a short video and/or some photos of their property, as well as choose the best date and time for them to take a video call.

“Based on the video, photos and information provided, we will be able to fully research the property and then conduct the face-to-face virtual meeting where we will be able to provide an accurate valuation, giving a realistic sales or rental price for the property. All at a time that is convenient for the homeowner. Following the meeting, we will send a detailed report on the property providing pricing expectations, much like any other valuation process.”

Joe goes on to note “we have all the necessary tools and services in place to be able to go through most of the selling process remotely and maybe even find a buyer for a property without there ever being any physical meetings.”

No-one knows what the future holds or how people will interact with each other once restrictions are lifted. Potentially virtual valuations and viewings will continue to be a part of the ‘new normal’. If that is the case, Archer & Co are ready to ensure that they can meet those needs for sellers and buyers.