a selection of front doors

How to choose the perfect door for your home

What is important to YOU when choosing a front door?

Our homes are as individual and unique as we are. Each family home will have different requirements for the perfect front door, depending on style, security requirements and functionality. Choosing your dream door doesn’t have to be a chore. By working out what you need from your entranceway, you’ll be able to easily find the best fit for you and your family.

Windows don’t just look pretty

Inserting a door with a window can not only add to the overall look of your entranceway, but also provide much needed privacy and security to your home. Frosted or stained glass makes it difficult for unwanted visitors to see in, but provides you with a view outward to check who’s come calling. From large glass panels that cover almost half the door, to pretty stain glass inserts or small peek-through windows there’s a variety of window options available to suit your style.

Features for added security

Depending on location, security may be a concern when choosing the ideal front door. Frosted windows, a spy hole, a higher specification locking system, there are many ways to increase the level of security without compromising on the look of your door.

No more drafts

In this typically cold British climate, drafty doors and windows are a common hassle for homeowners. Blustery winds sneaking in through gaps under doors mean homes are less economical, less energy efficient and can feel damp and chilly. Installing a well fitted door will save you money by reducing heating bills and eliminating the need for a draft excluder. They will also be beneficial for those precious few hot days of the year, keeping your house as cool as possible when the sun does decide to show its face.

Colours and shapes to suite your style

Choosing a door can be a great opportunity to be creative and your home can be as unique as you like. Front doors come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you have a grand Victorian fronted building or a new build state of the art apartment, choose a door that suits your home’s style and look. Set your home apart from the others with a bold red or black door, or finish in ivory for a classic, timeless look.

Knock, knock, knock

How would you like your visitors to get your attention? Front doors can be fitted with a stylish, classic door knocker, modern discreet doorbell, or functional buzzer. For added security why not consider a video intercom system? A camera to show you exactly who’s at your doorstep without having to come to the door, will provide you the peace of mind that you know who’s there, and allow you the choice to welcome them in or pretend you’re not home (ideal for when the in-laws come knocking!). There are even systems available now that will allow you to answer your door when you are not at home, remotely over your phone or tablet.

Although we spend a lot more time inside our houses, than looking at them from the outside, the entrance makes a big difference to your home’s kerb appeal. A beautiful door is the first welcome your guests, or potential home buyers, will notice. So choose wisely!