Council to investigate options for Chippenham Mead play area

Monmouthshire County Council’s cabinet members have visited Monmouth’s Chippenham Mead children’s play area to inspect the site which is due to benefit from investment following recent housing developments. Original proposals to renew the existing play area are opposed by some who want the play area relocated to a more environmentally suitable part of Chippenham Mead. Meanwhile, other residents are opposed to the move in order to protect the area as an open space. Chippenham Mead enjoys legal status as a village green.

“Cabinet members took the view that the existing site has shortcomings due to its proximity to noise and possible vehicle emissions from the busy adjacent trunk road”, commented Councillor Bob Greenland, deputy leader of the council. “We also felt it was hemmed in by the high rear walls of the adjoining school, the A40 and earth bunding around the site. Having inspected the whole area we have asked officers to investigate the feasibility of other sites on Chippenham Mead so that we might identify a preferred option.”

Councillor Greenland continued: “We have a duty towards our children and that is enshrined in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. We also respect the ideals of legislation designed to protect Chippenham Mead from development. Legislation is pulling us in opposite directions. We will have to make a decision, balancing the well-being of children with the protection of this valuable open space.”

Members of the public and other interested parties will have the opportunity to comment prior to the preferred option being considered by Cabinet.

If an alternative site is proposed by the Cabinet it will require planning approval and Welsh Government consent under the Village Green Scheme of Regulation. This process will also include an opportunity for comments.