Council makes available online applications for school transport

Monmouthshire County Council has announced that parents and carers are now able to make online applications for concessionary and post-16 school transport.  They should for details on how to submit applications.

The council provides guaranteed free home to school transport only for pupils up to the age of 16 residing in Monmouthshire who attend their catchment or nearest suitable school and live 1.5 miles or more at primary age and two miles or more at secondary level.  Parents and carers of children starting primary or secondary schools must apply for transport initially but there is no need to re-apply until children change school or attain the age of 16.  However, parents or carers must notify the council if they change address as their children’s eligibility will need to be reassessed for transport.

Students over 16 and under 19 at the start of the academic year residing in Monmouthshire and living more than two miles from and attending the nearest suitable school may benefit from post 16 concessionary transport.  This transport is subject to a charge of £440 per annum but is not guaranteed as it is granted only if there is sufficient room on a school bus.

Post 16 applications for transport are subject to a deadline of Friday 24th August.  This enables the council to allocate seats to other concessionary school transport passengers after this date.

Pupils not entitled to free home to school transport or post 16 concessionary transport will be allocated a seat only if one is available in line with concessionary transport service policy.  This is because the allocation of statutory and post 16 concessionary passengers is prioritised.

In addition, allocation of a seat to such pupils is granted only if there is no financial implication for the council, no alteration or disruption to the transport route and the child is taken to the nearest pick-up point on the route.  The council will charge £440 per annum and will endeavour to award concessionary seats within a period of four to six weeks after the start of the academic year. Parents are responsible for arranging alternative transport until a seat is awarded.

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