Phil Smith Roscoe Rogers and Knight

For many years, through good times and bad, Roscoe Rogers & Knight has been an integral part of the local community.

Before he conceived our company back in 1990 Phil Smith was building and restoring houses for many years in and around the town. He has also lived here as do all the excellent members of staff who form our professional, efficient and friendly team.

Over the decades, we have sold some houses four or more times and provided level headed and astute property advice to thousands of local people through storms, floods, droughts, market booms and busts, the 2008 banking crisis and all the good times. Now we will do the same through the most unprecedented event in modern history.

While we don’t know what the next few months will bring, we do understand that the emotional and economic impact of the virus will be profound and far-reaching. For many, this crisis may turn longed-for lifestyle certainties into unwanted longer term uncertainties, especially for those who had planned to move home this year.

Over the coming weeks and months, hundreds of thousands of people, sheltering in their homes, may not be able to take direct action, but they will be making plans especially with more uncluttered time on their hands. After this viral storm has passed, many will have re-evaluated their housing needs. Some will dream of their first home. Others, with growing families will need more space. Still more, in not fully utilised larger homes, may have accepted the need or discovered the desire to downsize or rightsize.

Whatever your stage in life, Phil and the team are here to help with free property advice and information. During the shutdown, our office doors may not open but the business is very much open. Our phone lines are open to those who would like to call and discuss your plans or you can e-mail us if you prefer. Our website is open for information, as is our Facebook page and we are active on Rightmove and

We may not be able to visit you for a valuation. However, because we have lived and worked in the area for so long and have so much local knowledge, we are more than able to discuss prices and marketing. So, when we have seen the back of this global pandemic, you will be ready to press ahead.

In these uncertain times we are sure of two things: we know how strong, supportive, and resilient our community is and we are as confident about the property market now, as we were before we ever heard of COVID-19. Everyone needs somewhere to live and this area is still the most perfect place to live, to school our children, to commute from or to work and play.