Looking Forward to 2018- Roscoe Rogers & Night

Brexit has not stopped people buying here

Despite the constant bombardment of Brexit in every single radio and TV news bulletin and newspaper, 2017 has been an even better year for us selling properties from £150,000 to £1.5m and we are on course to do the same in 2018. Thankfully values remain stable and we have retained our record for agreeing 97% of our asking prices.

In truth no-one knows what the impact of us leaving the European Union will be, politicians, bankers, businesses, or the person on the street but one thing is for sure is that we British have stamina that will deal with whatever the outcome is in a positive way and to our advantage.


The reason is simple and that is that children are the highest priority for most parents and so they come here from all over the UK and the World to have the best education in both the state and private sectors for their children. They will not put their decisions or their lives on hold for the outcome of Brexit.

Severn Bridge tolls – will removing them make a difference?

Whilst the answer must be yes the biggest impact is likely to be on properties under the £300,000 level only because buyers of higher priced houses will probably have their tolls paid for by employers.

The Bristol market

This is by far more important to us here in the Monmouth area than the bridge tolls because Bristol has seen their property prices rise by more than 50% over the past four years so they have been a captive audience for us to sell to year on year. We have built up strong links with Bristolians over the years and we have linked agents there if we need them via our Mayfair Office Group.

If people are buying here why wait?

This is a question I regularly ask owners because for so many this Brexit unknown is a real worry for them. What is far more important is what is happening in our world locally. We are all growing older and life is too short anyway to be putting off those important life decisions like finding a smaller or larger house or moving to be closer to family. Nothing can be more important than our quality of life so maybe it’s time to be bold, selfish and British and just get on with your lives.

My Christmas message

Have fun with your loved ones and all those friends and family around you but for some of you don’t put next year on hold, grasp it firmly, use it effectively and make 2018 a year to remember.

Phil Smith, Roscoe Rogers & Knight, 01600 713030