monmouth community hub news

Monmouth Community Hub News

Monmouth Community Hub delivers local services including the library, council and community learning 

A wide range of supporting surgeries for the community. There are many groups that meet for social gatherings, children’s activities, reading groups, health and wellbeing at Monmouth Community Hub. 

There are two main rooms used for group meetings/activities, and also three private interview rooms, these rooms can be booked if you are supporting the community. 

For more information contact one of the team on 01600 710610 or

Did you know about the Monmouthshire Bond Scheme? 

“We assist those who are homeless or potentially homeless with a bond guarantee for a privately rented property. 

“We operate throughout the whole of Monmouthshire and I can help people who both work and those on full benefits. If you have any clients who are experiencing any risk of homelessness or facing any housing related issues, come and have a chat.” 

For further information please call Heidi on 01633 225092. 

Community Learning Workshops 

Ipad/Tablet/ Smartphone – Wednesdays – £30.00 

Excel Spreadsheets – Wednesdays – £30.00 

Creative Writing – one day workshop – Friday 14t  December – £20

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