Mutual agreement leads to council regaining management of Borough theatre, Abergavenny

28th February 2018

Monmouthshire County Council has agreed to regain ownership and control of Abergavenny’s Borough Theatre following a decision taken at today’s (Wednesday, 28th February) cabinet meeting. Talks between the council and the Borough Theatre (Abergavenny) Trust paved the way for the termination of the current management agreement entered into by both parties when the trust was set up in October 2013. The trust will now cease to operate and will seek to de-register on conclusion of the handover.

Both parties agreed that the council is best placed to provide leadership and management support for an interim period in which the viability of the theatre will be examined.

The handover is likely to take place before April and all theatre staff will transfer to the council. Planned events and performances will continue while the council seeks the best way forward for the theatre.

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