Park Life

Park Life

Bigger used to mean better. But times are changing. George Clark demonstrated how we can live happily and
stylishly in modest accommodation in his Amazing Spaces programme – and save ourselves a small fortune in the process!

Many people are doing just that, particularly those whose children have flown the nest and are looking to downsize. Park homes are often set in desirable, picturesque rural locations, with beautiful views, at a fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar property. Plus, they are rarely subject to more than the very lowest council tax banding, which, combined with their energy efficiency, means that they represent an excellent option for low-cost living.

And that’s not all. Modern parks cultivate a sense of community, with groups and activities taking place should they be of interest, helping to address the all-too common problem of isolation amongst older people and promoting independence amongst residents.

Given these obvious benefits for the older members of society, it’s not surprising that they make up the majority of park home-owners. However the biggest increase in demand for park homes is young families. Often locked out of the first-time buyer marketplace due to rocketing house prices and lenders’ high deposit requirements, park homes could be the way to get on the property ladder for many families. The benefits of park living are undeniable, no matter what the age of the buyers. Don’t be surprised to see one springing up in a beauty spot near you.

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