Non Kinsey

Property Q & A

Non Kinsey, Residential Property Solicitor at Harding Evans Solicitors in Newport answers your property questions.


Q I am buying a house and have been advised by my solicitor to obtain buildings insurance before I can exchange contracts. Why do I have to do this?

A The legal liability falls on the buyer from exchange of contracts. Therefore should anything happen to the building after you have exchanged it will be your loss as opposed to the seller’s. You will be bound by the terms of the contract regardless of whether or not the building is still standing.

Q I am the Executor of a late relative’s estate. The property he owned is unregistered. Do I have to register it at the Land Registry before I can sell it?

A No, you are not obliged to register the property, as the legal duty to register the property falls on the buyer. Their purchase will trigger the compulsory first registration of the property. You should ensure that you provide the deeds to the property to your solicitor to enable them to deduce the title to the property and draft the contract.

I am selling my house and have not had the boiler nor the electrics serviced for a couple of years. The buyer is asking me to arrange a service, do I have to?

A It is not a legal requirement to arrange for the electrical circuit nor the gas boiler to be serviced. If you have already agreed the sale you could suggest that the buyer arranges it if they require it. However if you have not already agreed a sale it might be helpful to have them serviced so as to avoid any unwanted delays when you do agree a sale.


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