Reliant Robin to drive from Sheffield to Monte Carlo for homelessness

Members from Fine & Country estate agents will attempt to drive a twenty-year old Reliant Robin from Sheffield to Monte Carlo in a wacky fundraiser for homelessness from 21st-25th September.

The three-wheeled car, famously seen on the BBC One’s ‘Only Fool’s and Horses’, is not known for its stability, comfort or reliability. So, why are three estate agents choosing to drive it?

David Lindley, CEO of Fine & Country will be joined by Joe Parry from Fine & Country Chepstow and Charles Eddlestone from Fine & Country Fulham to form the aptly named team, The Unreliants. The event, called Bangers and Cash, will raise money for Roundabout, a youth homeless charity in Sheffield. There are 21 teams taking part, all with cars worth less than £650.

Charles Eddlestone said: “Originally, we planned on driving a London taxi, but we thought we would make the event a real challenge so went for a Reliant Robin instead. It took numerous attempts, but the car has finally passed its MOT. We modified it to add a sun-roof because, unsurprisingly, the vehicle didn’t come with any form of airconditioning so we made our own.”

To help raise money for Roundabout, the Fine & Country team is selling logo space on the car. For every £110 donation made, individuals and companies can have their logos, favourite sports teams or names stuck onto the eye-catching car and driven through Europe.

Joe Parry said: “I have already grown to love the ridiculous wagon and can’t wait for the trip. It will look amazing. Our bonnet has been painted by a professional artist called Stephanie-Anne Wardle from Sheffield with the design of the tortoise and the hare. We thought the story is very applicable given our vehicle.”

David Lindley said: “My only regret of this experience is letting Joe and Charles decide on the vehicle. Thankfully, I already have a motorcycle helmet which I plan on wearing at all times in the car. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic cause and a brilliant way to raise money and awareness for youth homelessness.”

Roundabout is a member of the End Youth Homelessness campaign, a network of 11 homeless charities from across the UK. The Fine & Country Foundation is partnered with the campaign and gave £20,000 in their spring grant programme to End Youth Homelessness for their Safe Night’s Fund. The fund is a pool of money spread between the members to help with four key elements for 16-25 year olds: rent deposit scheme, national bursaries, job coaching and work programmes. The Fine & Country Foundation maintains its commitment to End Youth Homelessness and its members by participating in fundraisers like Bangers and Cash, and sleep outs this November.

To donate to The Unreliants and support Roundabout, please visit Email your logos in PDF or EPS (Photoshop) file formats to to have your logo displayed on the Robin Reliant.