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Shop Local: Wines for your Christmas Wine Rack

Here we are, the festive season is upon us! What are we going to drink?
Here are nine suggestions, all available from Fingal-Rock in Monmouth.

Fingal Rock Wine Shippers and Merchants Monmouth

1. Champagne from Guy de Forez @ £22.50
The perfect festive aperitif! This is made from 100% Pinot Noir, coming from a village, Les Riceys, that specialises in growing Pinot Noir. Excellent value. 

Dry White 

2. Este Vinho Verde @ £7.95
Delicious, light, delicately pétillant, from northern Portugal – and pleasingly low in alcohol – only 11.5%. 

3. La Palma Chardonnay @ £7.50
People have turned against Chardonnay, but that’s because lots of cheap, nasty examples came on the market, ruining its reputation. Good Chardonnay is still wonderful wine. This Chilean is crisp and fresh, but with sufficient weight to go well with food. 

4. Another Chardonnay: Saint Romain “La Combe Bazin” @ £18.50
From Domaine Prunier-Bonheur, a grower based in Meursault – this is serious white burgundy, with depth and length of flavour. Treat yourself! 


5. Dão “Porta dos Cavaleiros” @ £9.50
This red from Portugal demonstrates how the quality of winemaking there has in recent years been on an upward trajectory. This has plenty of colour and vigour, and yet is only 12.5% alcohol, and will consequently go very well with turkey. 

6. Beaujolais Nouveau @ £9.95
This is made in Fleurie by Mathieu Mélinand, who spent a month in Monmouth ten years ago learning about the wine trade by doing an internship at Fingal-Rock! I know, I know, Beaujolais Nouveau is widely perceived as so last century, filthy, undrinkable, to be avoided. I won’t give you the lecture now – nor will I ask you to take my word for it – drop into the shop in Monnow Street, and taste and see for yourself that good Beaujolais Nouveau is delicious. 

7. Saint Romain “Sous le Château” @ £18.50
Pascal Prunier at Domaine Prunier- Bonheur also makes a delicious red; the style is pale and light, yet with lots of flavour, making it an excellent partner for turkey. 

Finally, two Sweet Wines 

8. Coteaux du Layon @ £14.50
This comes from the region of the Loire just south of Angers; the producer is Château Soucherie, which was bought by a French zillionaire in 2007; he has poured unlimited funds into the property and revived its fortunes. 

9. Heaven on Earth @ £8.95 per half bottle
Made from the Muscat grape, this comes from South Africa; the grapes are raisined to concentrate the flavour – they are dried on beds of Rooibos tea, which adds an extra dimension to the flavour. Aromas of apricots, honey, with a hint of smokiness from the Rooibos.

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