Two Local Businesses Work Together to Help Community

Woods of Whitchurch and The Old Court Hotel have always been centre points for the community in and around Whitchurch. Many in the area are elderly or vulnerable, and so with the government announcements to minimise human contact due to the Coronavirus, they are left isolated and unable to get the provisions they need. However, this urged Lucy Gardner, owner of Woods of Whitchurch, her partner Richy, and the rest of the team to step up for the locals. They have taken onboard the specific advice, adhering to the distancing and extra cleaning measures, as well as introducing new services.

Unfortunately, due to the announcement made by the Prime Minister recently, The Old Court Hotel has had to close, much to the devastation of owners Victoria and Jonathon Smith-Milne. However, the two businesses have used this time of trouble to care for the community, bringing their staff and skills together to support those who need it. They are providing an innovative, but simple ordering, collection and delivery service for groceries and essential items.

This is a life-line for those who are feeling anxious at this time, and want to minimise their human contact. Victoria & Jono owners of The Old Court Hotel are helping Lucy with this additional service. Victoria, has set up the order forms, which lay out a set of standard items, along with a wish list. Hard copies will be sent to as many people as possible; alternatively, an electronic copy is available from Victoria (victoria@oldcourthotel.co.uk).

Woods of Whitchurch are fulfilling the orders, and contacting customers to arrange the payment. This new service will be tried and tested over the next few weeks, making any necessary changes. In the end, the two businesses want to keep a sense of reassurance for locals, and bring a healthy, prosperous service, making sure that nobody choosing to self-isolate suffers for it. Online Ordering for Woods will be coming soon.  However we will always offer an email, phone or what’s app service for those who don’t feel so confident on the internet. To stay informed, visit the Woods of Whitchurch Facebook page.

By Lucy Rabone